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National Time Equipment is a wholly owned and operated Canadian company which has grown into one of Canada's largest dealers of Time Recording Equipment.

MTX SERIES (Data Collection Badge Terminal)
- Uses mag-stripe or bar code badge cards
- Automatic Terminal number assignment and baud rate adjustments
- Auto polling capability

MJR SERIES (Calculating Time Recorders)
- Calculates and accumulates hours worked on time card
- Accommodates any type of pay period
- Programmable function keys for department transfers, paid breaks, etc...

PIX SERIES (Electronic Payroll / Job Costing)
- Programmable alpha-numeric imprint
- Consecutive numbering and 4 digit year printing
- Optional signal output

- Security Access
- Eliminates badges
- Fast and easy to use

Some of Our Services Include:
  • "Data Collection" Badge Terminals (MTX SERIES)
  • Electronic Payroll / Job Costing Clocks
  • Calculating Time Recorders
  • Biometric Hand Terminals
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